WuTang1This week’s show IllSide’s Odeisel and Gabe talk about a million dollar Wu-Tang Clan album that will be sold to one lucky buyer. The duo also critique Mobb Deep’s re-release of their sophomore album, The Infamous on the eve of their 20 year anniversary and ask what the hell is up with Young Thug wearing dresses?! This and more on this week’s booming in your trunk IllSide Radio.



IllSide RadioThis week’s show focuses on Freddie Gibbs latest album, Piñata with super producer Madlib. We also touch on the missing Malaysia Airline that dropped off the face of the earth and if Phil Jackson can help turn the New York Knicks back in to winners. This and more on this week’s show.

RossThis week’s show unravels Rick Ross’ latest album, Mastermind and whether or not Ross recording career has plateaued. Steve Stoute made noise this past week with his VH1 special, the Tanning of America and his slight diss against 50 cent. Odeisel has plenty to say about Stoutes latest moves. We close out with if 50 Cent needs to prove anything else in rap, and what’s the future of the G-Unit brand. This and more on IllSide Radio.

Kanye WestThis week’s show OD and Gabe relive the first boring Super Bowl in over a decade. Speaking of a decade ago, the IllSide crew relive Super Bowl history aka nipplegate and Kanye West’s debut solo album The College Dropout. Is there any reason to watch George Zimmerman and DMX fight? We discuss this and more on this week’s IllSide Radio. Boom!


This week Odeisel and Gabe offer some perspective to the recent backlash Seattle Seahawks star player Richard Sherman received this week. Is being called a thug a disguise for calling a black athlete the N-word? We chime on this issue and more. We also share our concern for Justin Bieber and if his personal life is spiraling out of control as well as discussing this year’s NBA all star game. Come listen to the team that keeps it 100 every show for 3 years strong. IllSide Radio. Boom.

KanyeThis week’s show welcomes back the Stankonia giants, Outkast and salutes Kanye West for the asswhooping he dished out to a racist heckler this week. Odeisel and Gabe discuss Rick Ross’ new album release date and what to expect and nominate several California Orange County police officers for the savages of the week award. This and more on this week’s dope ass show.

James AveryIllSide Radio is back for the new year and kick off the show by saluting and praising the acting talents of James Avery aka Uncle Phil who unexpectedly passed over the Christmas holiday. Gabe and Odeisel discuss the NFL playoffs, failed new years resolutions, and a new weekly segment, Savages in the News. This and more on this week’s booming show!

hiphopHip Hop in 2013 was no joke, we had dope releases from the indie circuit, the mixtape arena and all the way up from the majors. Odeisel and Gabe round out the year that was 2013 with this hour long episode listing the best of the best in hip hop this year. Sit back, relax and take a ride on the IllSide.

Good KidThis week’s show Odeisel and Gabe take a good look at what the Grammy’s are doing to hip hop especially to Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. The duo also are displeased with some publications year end lists and while also saluting the late Nelson Mandela. We also have a great story of Odeisel kicking a freestyle with Wyclef! This and more on IllSide Radio.

SnoopIllSide Radio celebrates this Thanksgiving by reliving the most anticipated hip hop album of all time, Snoop Dogg’s 1993 debut album Doggystyle. We also tackle Kanye West’s latest frenzy on Sway’s morning radio show where both gentlemen go searching for some answers. Before racing for the turkey, OD and Gabe talk hoops and the future of D. Rose and the Bulls and if Kobe Byrant’s new contract will stunt the growth of the Lakers. This and more on this week’s delicious IllSide Radio podcast.

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