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This week Odeisel and WeekendGabe wrap up this past weekend’s BET Award winners and losers. We discuss Skyzoo’s latest, For My Friends. We close out by dissecting MC Ren’s value in NWA and if he has a legitimate gripe with his portrayal in the upcoming Straight Outta Compton movie.

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Ironman 2This week’s show focuses on the discussion of Jay-Z’s Tidal endeavor that is under heavy scrutiny from the public and considered a failure, but is it? We banter about the latest comic book movies on the horizon including this week’s Avengers sequel and if Sandra Bullock is the most beautiful person (hint: she is not). We also touch on this weekend’s big bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao. This week on IllSide Radio.

kendrickThis week OD and Gabe catch up the rousing success of Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore album, To Pimp A Butterfly. Since it’s been a while the fellas also chat about this year’s hip hop releases and Gabe shares his satisfaction what has been released thus far in 2015. Last but not least, Tidal swept up enough internet buzz to get the attention of IllSide Radio, but will Gabe and OD make the leap to Hov’s latest business venture? Find out here on IllSide Radio

RTJWhile many were crying that there isn’t enough “real” hip hop in 2014, Odeisel and Gabe run off a hour worth of head nodding, banging in your jeep (if you have one), lyrical wizardry dopeness. We may mention your favorites, we may not. Check to find out on this week’s year wrap up show.

imagesWeeeeee”rreeeeeeee Bacccckkkkkk!!

Odeisel & Gabe put down their Thanksgiving Day forks and knifes to deliver a holiday episode covering the latest developments in Ferguson. Rick Ross dropped his second album this year with Hood Billionaire, OD & Gabe weigh in on its value and if the duo care about the Wu-Tang Clan who drop A Better Tomorrow next week. This and more on the return of IllSide Radio!


downloadBy Gabe Mendoza

This week’s show focuses on the incredible release from Cormega and Large Professor and how artists of caliber are still able to reinvent themselves late in their career. We talk about how this year’s USA basketball team is shaping up including the status and health of Paul George and Derrick Rose. This and more on a booming in your trunk episode of IllSide Radio.

NickiThis week’s show we get back in to the groove by talking about this year’s annual BET Music and film award show hosted by Chris Rock. The state of hip hop and those that run it is still a hot button topic being pressed by some of hip hop’s veterans, OD and Gabe talk about the latest comments made by Freddie Foxx and Buckshot. We talk new music, world cup overkill and 25 years of Do The Right Thing. All this and more on this week’s IllSide Radio show.

Dame DashThis week’s show is a combination of several stories where Hip Hop icons Chuck D, MC Ren & Dame Dash have come out against today’s rap artist and the radio stations that play them. Has the game passed these gentleman by? Or are they truly out to serve the best interest of the hip hop culture and ensure it’s future by combating against corporate run radio stations and label executives who profit off hip hop without contributing to it. Take a listen to our most in depth show in IllSide Radio history.

imagesThis week’s show we celebrate the life of poet and activist Maya Angelou who passed at the age of 86. The Rap Genius website made news on the eve of the Santa Barbara mass shooting by celebrating the murderer’s “beautiful” words. Closing out the show we talk Torae & Skyzoo’s debut collaboration album, The Barrell Brothers and take one last shot at the Indiana Pacer’s woeful season. This and more on IllSide Radio.


Hov & FamilyThis week Odeisel & Gabe tour music industry news from the Dr. Dre and Apple camp on the eve of their forthcoming billion dollar deal. Will those Beats by Dre headphone dollars find their way back to the community? OD and Gabe have their opinion for you. The cat fight of the week between Jay-Z and Solanage made headlines and IllSide Radio delivers the blow by blow of the kick heard round the world. Michael Sam and the NBA playoffs round out this week’s show. Check it out y’all!

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