‘Ye & Jay protect the throne, 50 needs a new home and ‘Quence bust down GOOD Music on IllSide Radio

By SquareOne

The Planet, along with Chicago’s own SquareOne of B-Side Radio, have joined forces to bring you the week in review in Hip-Hop and current events, along with the occasional special guest and some music to keep you moving through your day.

This year has seen some really great records by some unexpected artists. But some more notable emcee’s have gone out of their way to ensure we hear their records, and haven’t quite delivered the way we would have liked. Watch The Throne is only a few weeks away from hitting the shelves and so far IllSide Radio has been less than impressed with The Throne’s output. We go in on what’s the purpose of two celebrated artists from the past 15 years who it appears just want to make a good or great album, but why wouldn’t they want to reshape hip hop with a classic album?  50 Cent is currently in Interscope limbo after declaring this week he will not be dropping an album this year. 50 is reported to be on the last album of his deal with Interscope and is at a fork in the road with his career. We tell you which direction he should go.

Consenquence took his grievance with former friend, boss, and partner, Kanye West to the internet this week in a viral video. Then ‘Quence fired a shot at ‘Ye’s new right hand man, Pusha T in a song. Is it time for the former Clipse member to load his clips of lyrical ammo and fire back for GOOD Music? We debate. Big Boi is optimistic he and Andre 3 stacks can get the old gang back together, but has the Outkast train already left the station? Black Rob is back with a new record, is it any good? We tell you. And lastly, we say farewell to Amy Winehouse who passed away at the young age of 27. All this and more.

So sit back and take a ride on the IllSide.


3 thoughts on “‘Ye & Jay protect the throne, 50 needs a new home and ‘Quence bust down GOOD Music on IllSide Radio

Add yours

  1. lol, dude is like Nas said a dickriding f****t but for Nas.
    Nas HHID and Distant Relatives were mediocre, Untitled was great.
    Jay had Kingdom Come and Blueprint mediocre but they sounded like something we never heard + American Gangster which is a classic.

    Great podcast but the Jay-z hating and Nas dickriding is childish as hell, Nas stans still recovering from the 2001 beef is mad corny.

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