Watch The Throne. Why Can’t You Not Like It? On this week’s IllSide Radio

This week we take a look at the release of the much anticipated Watch The Throne. We applauded the dynamic duo of Jay-Z and Kanye
West and their collective team for being able to keep the album from leaking. It was a nice return to the good old days when you could look forward to an album without being spoiled by earlier leaked songs. Once we got over that, and touched on the singles that released ahead of it, we got to discuss the album, and that’s when the happy dance stopped.

We did a track by track rundown of the disk and the highs and lows of the album. Should this have been a Kanye solo album? Did Jay-Z venture too far past his comfort zone? Was there a chemistry issue that hindered the cohesion of the album? Did the production come through?  What about the guest appearances? Did they deliver or were they unnecessary. In this era with all in the news, was it the right time for an album that overtly focuses on opulence?

What’s with the backlash against people who don’t like the album?  Why are some quarters jumping all over people who openly don’t like the album? We look at the media aftermath of the album and whether people underrated or overrated the album among journalists.

What do you think of that album? Sit back, relax and take a ride on the Ill Side.


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