9/11, Wayne’s World, Ruff Ryders Return, Lupe Lashes Out & Stupid Soulja Boy

This week’s IllSide radio, we discuss the funky weather that has plagued the US this year. We thank the heavens for football season. We look at Obama’s job speech and look at a Senator who chose to skip the speech in order to host a football party.

We look at Soulja Boy and his ridiculous diss other military and soldiers on the eve of 9/11 and how bad that it looks. What was he trying to gain? Was it for attention? How stupid was the excuse he made to justify his outlandish statements. How can a guy named Souljah (Soldier) boy even levy criticism towards the military. How soft was his apology?

We look at the pending return of the Ruff Ryders and whether or not it will make waves. DMX is reportedly finished with his album. Will he be out of jail to promote it? What have the original members been up to? Is the single with the formerly murderous Mook what the hood is checking for? Are they looking to Ca$h Money’s resurgence for inspiration.

Speaking of Cash Money, we look at Weezy selling another basic million in a week.  Looking at the sales of the non Carter albums that Lil Wayne dropped recently, is the Carter name magic? Did Weezy’s incarceration have a lot to do with those lower sales?  Was there any blowback from the jeggings of the VMA’s?

Lupe Fiasco recently lashed out proclaming himself the best and  threatening to destroy the hot emcees out there. Is it all bark and no bite? With his skill level, shouldn’t he have dropped a better album than L.A.S.E.R.S. if he was going to get all hot and bothered?

All this and more on IllSide Radio.


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