IllSide Radio: Eddie Murphy Towers, Wale Pushes Units, Scary Rap Songs, Can Too $hort Rap?

This episode we clean up the post Halloween hijinx with some of the scariest songs in Hip-Hop. We look at the Beiberdaddy situation and some of the funny and not so funny implications of the event. Is she a child molester? Couldn’t a superstar like Beiber have done better? Can Maury Povitch straighten it out like Pete Rock?

Will Herman Cain actually suffer from the recent sexual allegations? Do people take him serious enough for this story to matter? Should Cain just brush it off and keeping it moving. Is Herman Cain ACTUALLY the GOP’s best chance? What kind of payoff was $35,000?

We talk the aftermath of the Kim Kardashian wedding. Is this the moment where her career ascent begins to slow to a crawl? Is it disrespect to the idea of marriage in general? Are you surprised at how long (short) the marriage was? Was Chris Humphries complicit or an innocent bystander?

We check out Wale’s Ambition and analyze what its release has done for him. Pushing 200k a week, does that justify his move to the Maybach? How good is it? From there we look at some of the greatest album covers ever and  whether or not Too $hort can actually rap or not.  All this and more on IllSide Radio.

Sit back, relax, and take a ride on the Ill Side.


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