The Biggest Hip-Hop Stories Of 2011

This episode features the biggest Hip-Hop related stories of 2011. We’ve had so many ups and downs this year aside from the music. As we went over the stories some were almost forgotten. Some, like the recent death of Heavy D, still have the sting of bad news to them. Twelve month is a long time and when you go over these things with us, you’ll probably have a few moments of , “Damn I forgot about that!”

1. Heavy D/Sylivia Robinson,/Gil Scott/Nate Dogg/Slim Dunkin Passing
2. Lil B I’m Gay album title
3. Little Wayne jeggings at the MTV VMA’s
4. Rolling Stone naming Eminem the King of Hip hop
5. Watch The Throne
6. Sean P hates female rappers
7. Fat Joe loses the Fat
8. The uproar Tyler The Creator created in 2011
9. Common called a cop killer by Fox News
10. Dead Rappers are back
11. Rappers become authors
12. Ashley Judd Rape Culture comment
13. Mr Cee busted in compromising act
14. Kool Herc gets sick, should we save him?

We didn’t follow the stories in order of course, just got on a roll and went naturally. I think you guys will really enjoy the episode.

Sit back, relax, and take a ride on the Ill Side.

LISTEN: The Biggest Hip-Hop Stories Of 2011


4 thoughts on “The Biggest Hip-Hop Stories Of 2011

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  1. Heavy D was craaazy. I aint even believe it when I first heard. R.I.P
    Ha, yea. That I’m Gay album was hot conversation for a GOOD while. Bold move by him. Lil B stay doing crazy ish like that. Didn’t homie start a movement of men wearing lip stick? sad. What’s next? Men wearing skirts? ha.

    Watch the Throne was prolly one of the best albums to come out this year in my opinion. Yes, they coulda did betta, but it was still fire.

    You forgot about soulja boy’s crack problems. and Katt stacks. she was HEAVY in the gossip. All in all though, dramatic year, good year.

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo

    1. We here at IllSide don’t believe that WTT was a great album, and we’ve continuously expressed that since it’s release. Hell we even devoted a episode to it a couple months back. You’re going to have to look for it on the site if you’re inclined to listening to it. Either way, this year featured a lot of great new artists and indie music that we felt triumphed over WTT. But we respect your opinion and appreciate your comments. – SquareONe

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