Linsanity Breeds Bigotry, MTV’s Hot List, Is Nicki Minaj Still Hip-Hop?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sports waters, now that Tebowmania headed for the NFL offseason, the NBA has brought us LINSANITY, starring American-born Asian, Harvard educated ex bible study teacher, formerly residing on his brother’s couch Jeremy Lin. Lin recently went on a 7-0 stretch where he almost single-handedly (according to the NY media) rescued the Knicks’ disappointing season from the brink of disaster. Along for the ride is every obnoxious Knick fan, including Spike, a writer fired over a racist headline, happy ass David Stern, and Floyd “who gives a damn until you and Pacquiao fight so we can all stop caring about boxing” Mayweather.

After her Grammy and Superbowl fiascos, people are beginning to wonder aloud whether Nicki Minaj is even Hip-Hop anymore. We tackle the issue head on with an answer that might surprise you. Speaking of the Grammy Awards, Common and Drake made nice and made up. Was it a cop out for either? Did they miss a moment that Hip-Hop will regret?

Finally we take a look at the MTV list and whether it has any merit or whether even under it’s own weight, it means anything. All this and more on IllSide Radio. Sit back, relax, and take a ride on the Ill Side.


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