Joking with Toure, Radio Beef in 2012, & The Saints Fall From Grace

By Square One

The Planet, along with Chicago’s own SquareOne of MyBsideBlog, have joined forces to bring you the week in review in Hip-Hop and current events, along with the occasional special guest and some music to keep you moving through your day.

The murder of Trayvon Martin has picked up steam in both the media and on social networking sites demanding for justice. Fuse TV’s Toure’ from his twitter account decided to make light of the heavy situation by “joking,” about Trayvon’s killer George Zimmerman.

We discuss the ramifications Toure’s ill advised tweet will have for him. 50 Cent has a release date for his reported final album with the good Doctor at Aftermath, we discuss what to expect from ‘Fif and his G-unit brand. Teenage rappers have been around since the beginning of Hip Hop and have done quite well including Nas, Mobb Deep and Chi Ali.

Diggy Simmons new album, Unexpected Arrival leaked online this week, and does Diggy have enough juice to join the dope teenage rapper alum? We’ll tell you. And finally The NFL took a hammer to the New Orleans Saints upcoming season, Peyton Manning rides in to Denver and Tim Tebow is tossed to the Jets. We cover this and more.

So sit back and relax and take a ride on the Ill Side.


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