IllSide Radio: Rap Beef Is Delicious Again

This week the IllSide crew take a look at all the burgeoning rap beef including Pete Rock vs. Lupe and Pusha T Vs. Weezy and friends. Is this the end of Young Money? Was the diss that serious or just a harbinger of things to come for a crew past its prime. What are their options in defense? Will the G.O.O.D. crew have his back? What about the various parties that are down with them both?  It’s a long way from “What Happened To That Boy.”

Saigon took a shot at Rick Ross and the Maybach but summarily backtracked. Was that a smart play on his end? Does he have enough clout left to even launch an assault on the crew with the most mainstream momentum?

Outside of beef, we took a look at the NBA playoffs, including the Lakers ouster at the hands of OKC and whats next for the Conference Finals

Finally we look at 50 Cents Lost Tapes release. Is it too little, too late? All this and more on IllSide Radio.  So sit back, relax and take a ride on the Ill Side

We discussed the beef between Lupe Fiasco and Pete Rock, Pusha T and Lil’ Wayne. Is the Young Money movement over? Did FunkMaster flex clown himself by calling Weezy’s Ghouls diss better than South Bronx? Did Saigon play himself when he dissed Rick Ross then back tracked?
We cover the NBA playoffs and 50 cents Lost Tapes mixtape as well.



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